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CBD is liquid gold for the body, the mind , the humanity+

WELCOME to | CBD | Global

This website is designed to serve as a clinically professional and conscious platform where you can find the most up-to-date & cutting-edge information on the clinical use, scientific research and most bioavailable delivery of CBD. 

I am Dr. Denisa Rensen and  I am very excited to see CBD coming to the forefront of clinical care and personal use for health worldwide. In my years of functional and regenerative medicine practice, I have seen time and time again the benefits of CBD and what it can do for the health of adults and children, especially since it is non-psychoactive. I am even more excited to see that the delivery of CBD into the cells of the body is now being done on a nanoenhanced-liposomal scale, rendering this molecule 6-10 more absorbable.

On this website, you will find some of the best curated material on CBD. I dive into the clinical uses of CBD, the scientific research and what we can expect ahead. I zone-in on the nano-liposomal delivery of CBD for best absorption and on the possibilities you have as a clinician and individual to take part in this exponentially growing market. 

Enjoy the curated content. All information found on this site is for - educational purpose only

-  please consult your physician for personalized care.